John W. Fluharty, II


John W Fluharty, II is currently working as part of Quanta Services, Inc.’s (Quanta) underground cable group that performs large underground electrical projects. Currently Quanta is participating in many high profile high voltage electrical underground projects. 

Previously Mr. Fluharty was Vice President of Mears Group, Inc. (Mears) a subsidiary of Quanta Services, Inc. He was an owner of Mears until its sale to Quanta in 2000.  He managed every division in the company and at the end of his tenure with Mears he focused on business development, asset management, safety and operations for large projects. Mears’ commitment to safety, quality and environment is supported by their certifications in each area (Safety: OHSAS 18001:2001; Quality: ISO 9001:2015; Environment: ISO 14001:2001).

Mr. Fluharty's involvement has been a leadership position in the development of all of these areas. Currently Mr. Fluharty is a board member of the Power and Communications Contractor Association (PCCA), American Pipeline Contractors Association (APCA).


  • Director, Excavator
  • CGA Board Member (2018-Present)