Board of Directors

The Common Ground Alliance is managed by the association's Board of Directors. Currently, the Board consists of stakeholder directors and at-large directors. The stakeholder directors each represent one of the sixteen CGA stakeholder categories. The Directors are appointed through a process managed by the Board’s Governance Committee.   

The Board is charged with strategic oversight of the organization including aligning the CGA's mission and vision with committee and staff directives. 

CGA Mission 
The Common Ground Alliance is dedicated to preventing damage to underground utility infrastructure and protecting those who live and work near these important assets through the shared responsibility of our stakeholders.

CGA Goals
Information and Analysis
Develop information and analysis designed to enhance our members’ ability to implement effective damage prevention processes and programs.

Increase education of the industry, public and policymakers about the importance of the damage prevention process.

Stakeholder Engagement
Provide a collaborative forum for stakeholders to identify and highlight effective damage prevention practices and programs.