Best Practices

The origins of CGA are deeply rooted in the Best Practices Guide, which was born out of the original Common Ground Study, the U.S. Department of Transportation report that established the stakeholder engagement model CGA still uses today. Since CGA’s establishment in 2001, the Best Practices have been regarded and utilized as the preeminent and trusted resource for underground damage prevention.

The CGA Best Practices are agreed on by consensus of all 16 CGA stakeholder groups and designed to improve worker safety, protect vital underground infrastructure and ensure public safety during excavation activities conducted in the vicinity of existing underground facilities.

CGA releases a new edition of Best Practices every spring with updates that reflect changes in damage prevention, especially those caused by the always-evolving technologies that are at the core of progress in the industry. To access the most recent edition of CGA Best Practices, please click here.

Visit the Best Practices Committee page for more information on the committee that is charged with overseeing the Best Practices document. 

Best Practices Guide

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The CGA relies on members to keep the Best Practices a living document.  Remember, a best practices must be in use to be considered a "best" practice.